Is legal?

Online gambling has never been more popular. With the 2020 global pandemic, even the players that enjoyed playing in a land casino have turned to online solutions. Most land-based casinos in the world were closed down at some point during the 2020 lockdowns, so players had to turn to online solutions to enjoy their favorite games.

Not everything you see on the internet is as it seems, though. There are countless online venues, and you see a new one opening its doors every day. Not all of them enjoy the same reputation, though, and I would always advise to look for a reputable establishment rather than operators who promise a lot, but fail to provide. 

With the rise of online gambling houses, numerous developers have tried to create a software that would help players have the advantage while playing at a casino table. Although not all of these software are legit or even legal, there are some exceptions that have the potential to make your life easier and possibly help you make a substantial winning.

Following my trial-and-fail testing of numerous software solutions that promised to ‘help me beat the game’ of roulette, poker, or blackjack, I decided never to try such software again. I was tired of shady and barely legal programs that will only lose my money, so I stayed away from such software until recently.

A few months ago, I came across a platform called I knew nothing about this platform, but an ad popped up and it got my interest. I read numerous reviews about it, and people claim that it works and it has helped them win thousands of euros. After some hesitation, I decided to register to the platform and see what all the fuss is about. 

What’s is a community earning platform startup that specializes in the development of software solutions that help users earn money on the internet. As vague as it sounds, it’s exactly what it is. It’s a platform that created software that helps people make some cash – and pay them a commission in return. I thought about it a lot and realized that it’s a good business. The developers have created the software, but instead of selling it for money, they let the users use it for free and they ask for a commission of 10% of the winnings made. That’s a brilliant plan.

Registration on the platform is free, and you can use any software for free. The first software I tried was the most popular one – the roulette assisting software. It’s a software solution that helps you while playing at a roulette table in real-time. The software looks simple, but it’s actually effective. This is one of the rare instances that I can say I’ve been impressed by an assistance software. It doesn’t cost anything, and you can earn a lot while using it! 

What bothered me from the very beginning, though, was how is this platform legal? I did a thorough research about the legality of such platforms, both for the users and developers.

Is legal?

Although I’ve established that this is a promising platform that can really help you make some extra cash, I didn’t know how such a solution is legal. Following my thorough research and consultation with attorneys, I came to the realization that this is, in fact, legal

It’s completely legal for users to use such software (except stated otherwise by the gambling establishment itself), and there will be no legal action taken against players – even if the platform gets shut down. The platform is also legal (as there are hundreds of earning platforms out there), so users shouldn’t worry about anything. 

Additionally, the platform is safe and secure, and there’s a dedicated customer support service available to users if they have any questions. In conclusion, I believe the platform is a great option for anyone that wants to make some extra cash in their life without taking any risk and without wasting countless hours of their precious time.

  1. Sebb

    honestly, i was wondering the exact same thing: How can something like this be legal? I don’t know if this platform and similar ones are in the grey, but I believe there’s nothing wrong with using it…

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