Westernasset.pro – 2 Months Conclusion

A few months ago, I came across the popular community earning platform Westernasset.pro. I read all the reviews of the platform and all of its software solutions, and I decided to try it and review it myself.

After I registered myself to the platform, I was suggested a few software solutions that promised to help me make money. Not all of the solutions are the same, as some need you to do the work yourself, while others produce income passively. Based on my input on how much time I’m ready to devote to the platform, I was suggested to use the active income method. After I read some reviews about it, I figured it’s a roulette assistance software that will help you up your game and possibly make a winning.

I completed the training course in a couple of hours, and I was immediately ready to start the real thing

Using Westernasset.pro to make a profit

I had my doubts when it came to the initial investment. I didn’t know how much to invest, and how much would be enough to start my journey. I read other reviews, and even though most of them suggested an investment of 500€, it seemed a bit too much for me. I decided to go with a 200€ initial investment and see how far can I get.

I’ve been using the software for two months, and in this review, I’ll share all the ups and downs I had with it. Then, I’ll let you decide for yourself if you want to try it or not.

Week 10-311511€I started my first week easy and slow. I completed 311 successful sessions and ended the week with 511€ in my bankroll.
Week 2312-609808€In week 2 I played almost 300 sessions – all of them were easy and quick, and I was already at 808€.
Week 3610-9401138€ + 984€ redeposit = 2122€The first long session hit me in the third week. I had to redeposit at one point, and even though I didn’t need to redeposit this much, I asked other reviewers and decided that it’s better to play with higher bankroll, so I redeposited 984€ and finished the week with 2122€ in my bankroll.
Week 4941-11112292€Another easy week. I didn’t have too much time to play, so I only completed about 200 sessions.
Week 51112-14022582€After one month of using the platform, I was very happy with it. I had already made a good profit, and was thinking of withdrawal. I wanted to withdraw more than I had invested, so I requested a withdrawal of 1500€.
Week 61403-17592938€-1500€ withdraw = 1438€I withdrew 1500€ from my account and I still had 1438€ in my bankroll. I was already in profit, so I was basically playing with the casino’s money – which is the best feeling ever! I completed more than 300 sessions this week!
Week 71760-20991777€ + 1210€ redeposit = 2987€Another long session hit me just before I was ready to complete this review. I decided to redeposit again, and I chose the option that guaranteed 99% chance of completing the sessio. I redeposited 1210€, completed the session, and my final balance is 2987€.
Week 82100-24803367€Last week I completed more than 300 sessions, and it was time to conclude my review and make the calculations. My total profit after using Westernasset.pro for two months is 2437€ – and I played just 5 to 10 hours a week!

Initial deposit: 200€

Redeposit: 984€ + 1210€ = 2194€

Withdrawal: 1500€

Final balance: 3367€

Profit: 2437€

  1. jason

    Wow you really made some buck with this platform. I haven’t really tried it yet, but judging by other reviews and your own ones, I think it deserves the praise it gets on the internet

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